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The Female Form: 1900-2000 One Hundred Years of Dips and Curves

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Womenís Blood Pressure Drops with a Few Drinks a Week

       A few drinks  a week may slightly reduce a womanís chance of developing high blood pressure, or hypertension ,but consuming more than a drink a day puts her at increased risk, Harvard researchers report.     ......




White Wine Keeps Lungs Healthy

        Drinking wine appears to be good for the lungs, a university at Buffalo study has      shown, and in this case, the primal-y credit goes to white wine rather than red.   ......




How to drink sensibly

        How do you drink sensibly? Mostly by not allowing yourself to get intoxicated. To do that, you need to be aware of what alcohol is, what it does to you, and how to control its effects. Here are a few pointers:   ......




Tea May Strengthen Bouns

         Longtime tea-drinking may strengthen bones, researchers in Taiwan have found. The benefits occurred in people who drank an average of nearly two cups daily of black, green or oolong tea for at least six years,  said the researchers from Cheng Kung University Hospital in Tainan, Taiwan.    ......




Green tea extract helps acne

 Long touted for its health-promoting properties, green tea might be aneffective treatment for acne, a new study suggests Green tea has been shown to fight bacteria, reduce inflammation and decrease hormone activity-- three characteristic's that make the ancient tea an excellent candidate for an acne therapy.  





Chinese Tea Culture

       The Chinese people, in their drinking of tea, place much significance on the act of "savoring." "Savoring tea" is not only a way to discern good tea from mediocre tea, but also how people take delight in their reverie and in teadrinking itself.  ......






































































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