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How to drink sensibly

       How do you drink sensibly? Mostly by not allowing yourself to get intoxicated. To do that, you need to be aware of what alcohol is, what it does to you, and how to control its effects. Here are a few pointers:

1. Restrict your drinking, even on special occasions. Don't overdo it just because it's your best friend's wedding. A few extra drinks can put you out of commission and make you a danger or a nuisance to those around you.

2. Avoid drinking daily or regularly. If your drinking gets that steady, you're likely to develop a habit that can lead to dependence.  

       3. Know your limit and make sure you don't exceed it. Keep track of those drinks. If you aren't sure how much alcohol you can handle without losing control, test yourself at home with someone else observing. Then stay within that limit at parties.

4. Avoid mixed drinks that use two kinds of liquor, such as martinis and Manhattans. They are stronger and will get you drunk faster. Choose a drink that is mixed with a nonalcoholic beverage such as orange juice or club soda.

5. Drink slowly. Don't gulp down those drinks. The alcohol goes immediately to your stomach  and is quickly passed to your bloodstream and circulated throughout your body. The faster you gulp, the drunker you'll get.  



6. Never drink on an empty stomach--especially on a hot day. Food will slow down the absorption of alcohol. If your stomach is empty, the alcohol will pass into your bloodstream more quickly. On a hot day, drinking on an empty stomach can be especially hannful.  It can produce hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar), making you feel dizzy and weak and shifting your mood rapidly.  

7. Find substitutes for alcohol that you enjoy at parties. Try one of the new mineral waters with a twist of lime or lemon, or sip some fruit juice. Break the habit of thinking that you need to drink to have a good time.

8. Make conversation while you're drinking. You're your attention away from the alcohol and be sociable. This can help reduce your alcohol intake.

9. Avoid  bars and lounges when you are just killing time in an airport or train station. Buy a magazine or browse in the gift shop.

10. At parties or dinners, delay having your first drink as long as possible.  If you cut down on the amount of  time you spend drinking, you won't be able to consume as much -- and you won't consume as much on an empty stomach.

11. Accept a drink only if you really want one.  When you've reached your limit, politely refuse refills.

12. Think about your drinking. Is it getting out of hand? A bad habit can creep up on you if you don't monitor your behavior.

13. If a friend suggests that you have a drinking problem, take the comment seriously and get help.







































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