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A lesson from Sharon Stone’s Experience
 By Andrea Perry       

          Hollywood actress Sharon Stone is already a film legend but now she is about to make her debut in the pages of medical journals as there are plans to name a syndrome after her .Doctors in America believe the mild stroke suffered by the 43-year-old the day  after she completed a three-mile walk was caused by the Basic Instinct star's rigorous exercise regime.

 Sharon Stone

         The North California Medical Association now wants the phenomenon,  which  is  affecting a  growing number  of 40-somethings  who take to the treadmill  to  recreate  their youthfulness, to take Stone's name. Nobody knows how widespread Stone syndrome is among America's 35 million 40-somethings, but one doctor claimed thousands    could  be dying each year. According to one study,  cases where strokes and heart problems have been triggered  by intensive  workouts have trebled in   the last 20 years. The Californian association has applied to the American  Medical Association for approval of the name Stone syndrome.

        Stone was taken to hospital from  her San Francisco home two months ago after complaining of  a  headache which turned out to have been caused by a ruptured blood vessel near the base of her skull.   She was saved  by  a revolutionary new operation in which platinum tubes were 


inserted into her neck to create a bypass for blood around the  damaged  area.The  actress has described the cause of her brain haemorrhage  as  a case of the mysteries"  but  doctors are linking  it with the exercise  she did the previous day. Stone, who was nominated for her  role in gangster film Casino, spends up to three hours   a day with her personal trainer. She recently added Pilates, a stretching system devised for dancers, and  Tae Bo, a form of martial arts, to her yoga routines.

Exercise may also have had a contributory factor In the deaths of Jim Fixx, the pioneer of jogging, who dropped dead ona run aged 52, and The Hitchhiker ' s Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams, 49,who had a fatal heart attack on his exercise bike.

A spokesman stressed that Stone's stroke was caused by a rare condition which could have been prompted by doing anything too vigorously not just exercise. We would not say this was a syndrome, " he said. "Exercise has large health benefits as long as it is done in moderation.


















































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