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The secret of younger-looking

      Bacon and, eggs can make you wrinkly, say scientists searching for the secret of looking young. It is the first time , at wrinkles have been linked with high-cholesterollevels. The arlery-clogging compound is just one chemical factor that scientists say can, make you look older. Cholesterol joins smoking and-sunbathing as  an ageing agent. Like cholesterol, they are thought  to affect the  elasticity of the skin -- the key factor  by which we  judge someone’s age.



        For the lucky few, such as Hollywood greats Raquel Welch, 60, Sophia Loren,66, and Robert Redford, 64, the chemical balance appears just right to help retain their youthful looks. But Rolling Stone Keith Rich,ards,now 58, may have had too many cholesterol- loaded meals and smoked too many cigarettes.

Professor Christopher Bulpitt, an expert in ageing, said that high levels of cholesterol and the red blood pigment haemoglobin can age men, while low levels of the liver chemical bilirubin may reduce women's ability to retain their youtlliulness. Looking older  was not  related  to the amount of alcohol consumed. 



































































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