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Consumption of fish can prevent preterm delivery

           To determine the relation between intake of seafood in pregnancy and risk of preteem delivery and low birth weight , the researchers compared the diet of 8729 pragnant women.

            The occurrence of preterm delivery differed significantly across four groups of seafood intake, falling progressively from 7.1% in the group never consuming fish to 1.90% in the group consuming fish at least once a week. Analyses based on quantified intakes indicated that the working range of the dose-response relation is mainly from ,zero intake up to a daily intake of 15g fish or 0.15g Ω-3 fatty acids. Estimates of risk for low birth weight were similar to those for preterm delivery .

            Conclusions: Low consumption of fish was a strong risk factor for preterm delivery and low birth weight. In women with zero or low intake of fish, small amounts of  Ω-3 fatty acids provided as fish or fish oil may confer protection against preterm delivery and low birth weight.


































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