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Natural Food Cures You

        Ginger   Apart from its versatility in cooking, ginger has important therapeutic benefits. Make a tea by peeling and chopping about one inch of the root and infusing it in boiling water. Drink it to relieve colds or stomach problems. For nausea or travel sickness a child can be given a ginger biscuit, cake, crystallised ginger or ginger ale, as  they all ease symptoms.

Cumin        The black variety is widely used in Eastern cultures to tackle an impressive variety of ailments. It's especially good for helping to prevent blood platelets sticking together and clotting, fighting bacteria, protecting the heart and for relieving heartburn, indigestion and bloating.

Juniper berries     Best known as an ingredient of gin, juniper berries have been employed in cooking and for medicinal benefits since ancient Egyptian times. Juniper berries have traditionally been used to disinfect the urinary tract, particularly in cases of cystitis. However, they can irritate the kidneys if used for a long time, so an infusion of berries in water should be taken only as long as the discomfort lasts.

Cinnamon    A particularly warming spice, it's good blended with turmeric and coriander for many types of ailment. Cinnamon gets rid of many bugs, particularly in the gut, and eases muscle pain. 

natural food


Commonly used in a hot todady to ease cold and flu symptoms,  it's also been proved to   have antibacterial,  antiviral and antifungal qualities. A dash of cinnamon in a honey and lemon  drink can ease a sore throat or alleviate period pains and muscle spasms.

Mustard    You can't better a hot mustard footbath for easing cold symptoms such as a blocked nose. Just add some mustard powder to a bowl of hot water, put both feet in and relax. A regular sandwich with mustard and meat is particularly good for clearing phlegm. The Indian mustard plant (Brassicaceae) is believed to act as a magnet for essential minerals and metals in the soil, which we don' t get enough of in our food today. 

Turmeric   Turmeric is available as tablets for medicinal purposes. It' s anti-inflammatory ,anti bacterial, antifungal and an antioxidant, which means it fights damaging free radicals. Anyone with arthritis who can stomach the taste can add half a teaspoonful to water and drink it daily.

Take a teaspoonful of organic honey with a sprinkling of turmeric every two hours to ease sore throats or for colds and flu. Making a tea of   a half-teaspoonful of turmeric and some honey to sweeten works well, too.





















































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