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Tips and advice for workaholics

       Lately, your job has taken up much of your time. You’ve even started bringing work at home and you keep working until the wee hours of the morning. You spend Saturdays and Sundays with your head bent on your work. And you’re supposed to spend these days with your family, or friends, or for your relaxation!    ......




Understanding the Basics of Your Cholesterol

        There is so much teminology floating around with this that make any sense of what it's all about. That's why you have to start  by understanding what they're talking about: the “good?,the “bad,?and the ugly.   ......




True Lies about Health        

Myth: eating Lots of Carrots Will Make You See Better in the Dork.

Truth: You could see it that way. Lots of brightly colored fruits and veggies- including carrots, apricots and even broccoli-can improve your night sight, but only if you're lacking vitamin A to begin with, says Carl Kupfer, M.D., director of the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.s "Most of us get enough vitamin A in our diet, so eating lots of carrots won't change anything, " says Dr. Kupfer.  





 Sunshine & Cancer 

         Although too much exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, sunshine may have a protective effect against some cancers, U.S. scientists said in April. They suspect vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin that is also found in fortified milk and dairy products, cod liver oil and some fatty fish, can help to slow down the speed at which cancer cells divide.   ......




Smile! You’ll feel Better

 As the song says, smiling when you' re feeling blue appears to put you in a rosy mood. At least that's the theory set forth by Robert B. Zajonc, Ph.D.,director of the lnstitute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.   





Your Sleeping Position and your Personality

       Everyone has got two personalities—the one that is shown to the world and the other that is secret and real. You don't show your secret personality when you’re awake because you can ciontrol your behaviour ,but when you’re asleep, your sleeping position shows the real you. In a normal night,of course, people frequently change their position. The important position is the one that you go to sleep in.  ......




 Secrets of  People Who Never Get Sick  

How do some friends and colleagues survive every winter without even a sniffle? Some experts believe that they boost their immunity through simple lifestyle habits. Steal their strategies and stay healthy all winter long.  





 Pessimistic Outlook Does Harm to your Health

         A growing amount of research shows a pessimistic out look can take a huge toll on your health. This may be because pessimists are not as good as optimists at handling stress, which taxes the immune system and causes other health problems, such as high blood pressure. Optimists go into situations with more confidence, so events seem less threatening and stressful.   ......




 Only the Good Die Younger

Academy Award nominees who go home empty-handed may not have a'shiny Oscar to show off, but they may turn out to be the bigger winners in the game of life. According to a study published in British Medical Journal, Oscar-winning screenwriters are more  successful, more productive, and more respected than losing nominees; however, they die sooner by about four years. ......




 Fighting infection effectively

Leading naturopath shows how to supercharge your immune system and fight infections without relying on antibiotics 

There are natural ways to boost your body's defence system. In the right circumstances antibiotics are invaluable, but we have to use them selectively.  





How to Evaluate Your Sneeze

  Sneezing fits can strike in any season. But are they caused by allergies, viruses, bacteria or something else? Ask your nose--it always knows .

1.Consider the circumstances surrounding your sneezing episodes. Did your local weather forecaster issue a pollen warning? Did you recently clean: the house, mow the lawn or snuggle your new kitten? If so, you may have allergies. Did you stare into oncoming car headlights or blast your stereo? Bright light and loud noises stimulate the cells in the nose that release his tamines, which. trigger sneezing.





Hostility Is linked to Heart Disease

A study found that men with hostile personalities had almost five times as many heart attacks as those who showed little anger. In addition to higher coronary disease rates, the men, who were doctors, also had a five-fold risk of dying from all causes. 






 Health promotion is a broad field encompassing educational, social, economic, and political efforts to improve the health of a population. Health education, health protection, and disease prevention form the essential triad of health promotion. 





Health Education

  During the 1970s and 1980s, health education emphasized altering individuals' behavior. In the 1990s, health education expanded to encompass social action and become more integrated with health promotion. Mayhew Derryberry wrote forty years ago. ......




Hard Work Is Good for Health

Scientists find that hard-working prestigious people live longer than average men and women. Career women are healthiel than housewives. Evidence shows that the jobless are in poorer health than the job-holders. An investigation shows that whenever the unemployment rate increases by 1%, the death rate increases correspondingly by 2%.All this comes down to one point: work is helpful to health.  ......




Women: express yourselves

  Women who are uncomfortable expressing themselves, particularly negative emotions such as anger, are more likely to end up feeling even more angry and may also be vulnerable to eating disorders, according to two separate studies.   ......




Exercise Myths  

The more you sweat, the more fat you burn

This myth has encouraged people to work out in extreme heat      or wear layers of clothes or rubber or plastic weight-loss suits in the hope of sweating fat off. Unfortunately, it's water they're losing, not fat.  





 Eating More Often May Help Lower Cholesterol        

A person's cholesterol levels may depend not only on what he or she eats, but also how often, according to UK researchers.

        They found that middle-aged and older adults who ate frequently throughout the day had lower "bad" cholesterol levels compared with those who tended to down one or two large meals per day. This was despite the fact that the frequent eaters average, had a higher calorie and fat intake.





Diet and Diabetes

        Some 16 million Americans have diabetes mellitus, a serious, chronic disease that impairs the body's ability to convert blood sugar, or glucose, into energy .Persons with diabetes eitper cannot produce or respond to insulin, a hor mone instrumental in glucose metabolism. Because all human body tissues must have a steady supply of glucose, diabetes can affect every organ. In particular, it can, lead to heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and nerve problems. Diabetes is the leading cause of amputations in the US. And the fourth leading cause of death, both of which can often be prevented by early, effective treatment.





The Double-Edged Sword of Antibiotics

          In 1946, just a year after winning the Nobel Prize for discovering penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming noted the Achilles heel of antibiotics: "the production of resistant strains of bacteria." Indeed, the greatest medicine in history has gradually become less effective. The incredibly rapid reproduction of bacteria combined with their ability to impart acquired resistance to other bacteria by transferring genetic material have led to today's "superbugs": bacteria that are refractory to all conventional antimicrobial treatment. ......




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