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Hard Work Is Good for Health

        Scientists find that hard-working prestigious people live longer than average men and women. Career women are healthiel than housewives. Evidence shows that the jobless are in poorer health than the job-holders. An investigation shows that whenever the unemployment rate increases by 1%, the death rate increases correspondingly by 2%.All this comes down to one point: work is helpful to health.

 hard work

       Why is work good for health? It is because work keeps people busy, away from loneliness and solitude. Researches show that people feel unhappy, worried and solitary when they have nothing to do. Instead, the happiest are those who are busy. Many high achievers who love their careers feel that they are happiest when they are working hard. Work serves as a bridge between man and reality. By work, people come into contact with each other. By collective activity, they find friendship and warmth. This is helpful to health. The loss of work means the loss of everything. It affects man spiritually and makes him liable to disease.


Besides, work gives one a sense of fulfillment and a sense of achievement. Work makes one feel his value and status in society. When a writer finishes his writing or a doctor successfully operates on a patient or a teacher sees his students grow, they are Happy beyond words.

From the above we can come to the conclusion that the more you work, the happier and healthier you will be. Let us work and study well and live a happy and healthy life.











































































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