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Only the Good Die Younger

           Academy Award nominees who go home empty-handed may not have a'shiny Oscar to show off, but they may turn out to be the bigger winners in the game of life. According to a study published in British Medical Journal, Oscar-winning screenwriters are more  successful, more productive, and more respected than losing nominees; however, they die sooner by about four years.

        Because success is usually linked to better health, this is the first occupation ever that success is not associated with improved longevity , "says Donald Redelmeier, lead author  of the study. Researchers tracked down information about every person who was ever nominated for an Oscar since the awards were first handed out 73 years ago.

To explain the puzzling findings, he offers two theories. The first is the "work- to- death hypothesis. " According to Redelmeier, screenwriters are more apt to lead unhealthy lifestyles, meaning they smoke more, exercise less, and work a lot of late-night hours, which translates into not enough sleep.

Screenwriters don't have a boss to report to, which brings into account Redelmeier's second explanation, the  "party-hearty hypothesis. "  "When you become a successful screenwriter, you gain status without daily accountability, 



and as a consequence your success may lead you to more alcohol, more parties, and more obesity , " he says. 




















































































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