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Pessimistic Outlook Does Harm to your Health

           A growing amount of research shows a pessimistic out look can take a huge toll on your health. This may be because pessimists are not as good as optimists at handling stress, which taxes the immune system and causes other health problems, such as high blood pressure. Optimists go into situations with more confidence, so events seem less threatening and stressful. And in situations where stress is unavoidable, Positive thinkers also have stronger coping methods. Looking at the bright side may also lead to a longer life. Researchers have found that those who were pessimists had a 19 percent increased risk of death. Studies of  HIV patients also have found that the health of optimists doesn't decline as rapidly.

         Fortunately, even a confirmed negativist can change. To start, experts recommend using a trick called creative accounting. Keep a mental checklist of all the goodthings that happen to you. Simply focusing on the positive can boost your mood. You can also try to avoid upward comparison. There will always be someone prettier or wealthier, but constantly comparing  yourself to them will leave you feeling down and envious.

Finally, recognize how your mood affects your outlook. Optimists know that if they are in good spirits, their day-to-day experiences and interactions are more positive. So see if you can muster a smile. The result might be a happier—and healthier--you.

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