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Your Sleeping Position and your Personality

           Everyone has got two personalitiesóthe one that is shown to the world and the other that is secret and real. You don't show your secret personality when youíre awake because you can ciontrol your behaviour ,but when youíre asleep, your sleeping position shows the real you. In a normal night,of course, people frequently change their position. The important position is the one that you go to sleep in.

          If you go to sleep on your back, youíre a very open person. You normally trust people and you are easily influenced by fashion or new ideas. You donít like to upset people, so you never express your real feelings. Youíre quite shy and you arenít very confident.

           If you sleep on your stomach, you are a rather secretive person. You worry a lot and youíre always easily upset. Youíre very stubborn, but you arenít very ambitious. You usually live for today not tomorrow. This means that you enjoy having a good time.           



           If you sleep curled up, you are probable a very nervous person. You have a low opinion of  yourself and so youíre often defensive. Youíre shy and you donít normally like meeting people. You prefer to be on your own. Youíre easily hurt.

           If you sleep on your side, you have usually got a well-balanced personality. You know your strengths and weaknesses. Youíre usually careful. You have a confident personality. You sometimes feel anxious, but you donít often get depressed. You always say what you think even if it annoys people.

















































































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