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True Lies about Health
 Colleen Robertson        

        Myth: eating Lots of Carrots Will Make You See Better in the Dork.

Truth: You could see it that way. Lots of brightly colored fruits and veggies- including carrots, apricots and even broccoli-can improve your night sight, but only if you're lacking vitamin A to begin with, says Carl Kupfer, M.D., director of the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.s "Most of us get enough vitamin A in our diet, so eating lots of carrots won't change anything, " says Dr. Kupfer.

M:If You Swallow Gum,It Will Stay inside Your Stomach for Seven Years.

         T: Actually, it takes just a few days for gum to make its exit-not seven years, says Neil Izenberg, M.D., editor of But because gum is made of the same thing as rubber does, it cannot be fully digested in your stomach-so if you gum up the workers on a regular basis, you might find yourself in a strickly situation. "There have even been reports of surgery because of gum swallowing. " warns Dr. Izenberg.

        M: Skipping Meals Helps You Lose Weight Fast

        T: There's not an ounce of it in this advice. Not only will you not lose weight by starving yourself, but according to Carol Ann Rinzer, author of Nutrition for Dummies, this may actually cause you to gain weight .Rinzler reasons that missing a meal 


causes your metabolism to slow so that you bum food more slowly. This only makes you feel hungrier-and by the time you finally do reach the table, you tend to ant to gorge. Strange as it may seem, studies show that eating several small meals and snacks thoughout the day is a more realistic and healthy way to shed pounds.

 M: The Best Way to Stop a Nosebleed Is to Tilt Your Head Back.

 T: Now that’s bad advice. Bloody noses are caused by broken blood vessels, so while tilting your head back might stop the fluid from gushillg out of your nose, it won't stop the bleeding; you'll just end up swallowing lots of  blood. Your best bet? Rest quietly. Don't poke, prod or pick, and the blood will naturally clot within a minute or two, suggests Dr. Izenberg.

  M: Cutting Your Hair Will Make It Grow Long Faster.

T: That won't cut "Your hair isn't like a lawn or a rosebush, where cutting can stimulate fresh growth, " says Philip Kingsley, a hair and scalp expert in New York City. The length of your hair is geneticaly predetermined-when it reaches a certain length, it stops growing. When you trim the ends of your hair, you're merely cutting off dead split ends (this makes your hair look healthier, but not necessarily longer). Gently massaging your scalp may stimulate some growth by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the area. Besides, it feels good.

M: Sitting Too Close to Tv Will Make You Go Blind

T: This isn’t even close to being true. Planting yourself ,in front of the tube might make your eyes or your head hurt,but it won't take away your sight,says Kerry Beebe, a doctor of the American Optometric Association. “You should sit about 8 to 10 feet from the screen, because the closer you sit to the television, the harder your eyes strain to focus,” Beebe says. If you have to sit any closer, this could be a sign that you're nearsighted (which means you have trouble seeing at a distance) . See an eye doctor for a vision exam to determine whether you need glasses.

 M: Brushing Your Hair 100 Strokes a Day Will Keep It Shiny and Clean

 T: The idea is hardly a stroke of genius and according to Kingsley, the process is actually bad for your hair. “If you brushed a wool sweater repeatedly, you would wear a hole in it, he says “Likewise, your hair can get worn out.” And besides: all the brushing does is spread natural oils over your hair-and these can act as a dirt magnet, which will only weigh down your doing.











































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