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Tips and advice for workaholics

        Lately, your job has taken up much of your time. Youíve even started bringing work at home and you keep working until the wee hours of the morning. You spend Saturdays and Sundays with your head bent on your work. And youíre supposed to spend these days with your family, or friends, or for your relaxation!

No longer do you work in order to live, but you now live in order to work. Work is now the center of your daily life. A workaholic. This is what you have become.

       But little do you realize that by being too caught up with work, you gradually forget the reasons why you work: your family.

Here are a few tips to help you, the workaholic, refocus and get the best out of life and keep you healthy and alive in the long run too!

Eight hours of sleep! Make it a point to get at least eight hours of sleep and plenty of test. While food has substitutes in the form of natural medicines or artificial foods, there are no substitutes for sleep and rest. Your body cannot make up for lost sleep 



or rest time because it is not physiologically possible.

Strictly family on weekends! Resolve to make Saturdays and Sundays strictly for family time. And stick to this!

Get some food in! Make sure you get food in your stomach. Workaholics are known to be food-skippers. If you canít afford to get off your desk or from doing paperwork, have food delivered to you. Itís always a good idea if you have crackers on your drawer to ease the hunger pangs.

Confine work! Resolve to confine work in your office. Donít bring work to your home! Keep those files in your office desk where they belong. Keep them there until the next day when you start work. Practice working only within your working hours. If you have an eight-to-five working schedule, stick to it.

Work up those muscles! Exercise, exercise, exercise! Set aside at least an hour each day or every other day for exercise. Your body needs to be conditioned ,and working non-stop isnít going to give it the proper physical conditioning it needs. Since most workaholics tend to have their behinds stuck on their chairs, itís even more important that you get some exercise.

Make a plan! Plan your day. Work on only one or  two things at a time. Make out a list of priorities. Write down things that need to be worked on immediately or are urgent; keeping the least ones at the bottom of your list. After you've done this, be guided by this list. Turning this activity into a habit will also help you manage your time better, be more organized, and accomplish more.

Work to live! Always keep in mind that you work so you can live and have a comfortable life. Always remember that you don't live to work. Working is just one of the many useful and fruitful activities. Don't make work your life

If you start following the tips outlined today, then you've just taken the first-step to living a healthy, successful and happy life!




















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