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The Best Men’s Suit

          For some people, suits are back. For some people--particularly in the boardrooms and comer offices of the biggest companies - they never went away.

The old saying "clothes maketh the man" is as much of a truism as ever. Today, as always, a well-made suit is not just a crucial business accessory; it also sends a subtle message that distinguishes wearer as a person of discretion, taste and, in many cases, as someone with many zeroes in his annual bonus package.

 best man's suit

        What suits don't do to the same extent they once did is reveal the wearer's background. In our sartorially egalitarian age, one doesn't need to be a blue blood or an Ivy grad to occupy the corner office or know the name of the best tailors. The result is that suits have become less a uniform than an expression of individual style. If you're conservative in outlook, the odds are you will dress that way too. Like to be a bit more flashy? Most likely, so are your clothes .

What has also changed is the way men buy suits and the occasions to which they wear them. Around the turn of the last century , men of all backgrounds and careers wore ties and a suit pretty much everywhere. These days men are more selecti ve about when and where to dress up or dress down. A board meeting? Wear a suit. A business lunch ? Ditto. A corporate retreat in Tahoe? Not if you don't want to look like the hotel manager .


Suits are also becoming hip. Design houses like Gucci, Prada, Yves Saint-Laurent4 and others are coming out with suits that are definitely more appropriate for nightclubs than the boardroom. The idea is to appeal to younger customers who rebel at the thought of wearing a necktie, let alone a day job, but still have the money to spend on a $1,500 suit.

Which Suit Is right For You?

There are three key elements that go into choosing the Best Men's Suits: price, style and quality. Choosing the right suit presents a closet-full of challenges and opportunities to those faced with building a wardrobe. From suit silhouettes, pricing and fashionable obsolescence to pant fronts, button counts and lapel widths, there's much to consider.

Suits can be broken down into three basic styles: European (i.e., Italian), British and American. Many designers cross cultural lines, such as Bronx native Ralph Lauren.

For tailoring options, the bespoke suit is the finest. Bespoke suits are created by highly skilled tailors and artisans to fit your every inch. They may take up to five fittings and six weeks of work to complete, and starting prices run upwards of $3,000.

Off-the-rack suits are the least costly and the most convenient option, provided you're happy wfththe fabric and fit. But these days many suit makers also offer a "made-to-measure" alternative that allows customers to choose the fabric, sty ling options and details before allowing a tailor to take measurements and forward the order to the factory. A semi - finished suit is then returned to the store for fitting and finishing.

Style Vs. Fashion

Once you get into stratospheric8 price levels, it makes sense to ask yourself whether you're making an investment or buying a fashion item. Both have their pluses and minuses. While an immaculately rendered and classically tailored suit may last 10 or 20 years and never go out of style, it'll hardly get you noticed in a crowd. Meanwhile, slick fashion suits will have you looking like a rock star, but only for a couple of years.

" The choice between fashion and longevity is a 

best man's suit


 very personal one, " says Michael Bastian, men's fashion director in N ew York. " The best strategy is to play with them. "

        Indeed, playfulness is one of the defining characteristics of the latest generation of suit buyers. " Suits are definitely back, but in a more personal way ," says Bastian. "The younger guys are treating suits more as an integrated part of their wardrobe - pairing j ackets or pants with less traditional elements for distinctly personal looks. If they wear a tie now it's because they want to, not because their suit needs one. "

That same philosophy is gradually making its way into corporate culture. When it comes to a wardrobe, there's no longer the same emphasis on distinguishing between going to work and socializing. Your business wardrobe shouldn’t be just navy and gray suits anymore, and your social wardrobe shouldn’t be just corduroys.Wherever you’re going hese days, you’re doing business,and you need to feel good about what you’re wearing at any given moment.

Building a wardrobe

Then there’s the matter of how many suits to own.If your company had a one-day-a-week casual policy, you’ll need least four suits to rotate,plus a fifth in case someone calls a meeting on Friday.

Joseph Rosenfeld, an image consultant, recommends that men get started with a three-suit foundation: one dark blue, one dark gray and one black or, if you can't get away with that, dark brown. From there you can branch out into a blue with a Glen plaid, a gray with pinstripes and perhaps some individualistic lighter tones. Men are fickle, and eventually they get bored or tired. Adding a new suit or two now and then makes them feel powerful and good about themselves.

In the end, looking sharp in any suit is primarily a matter of color, proportion and individual style, and the best way to get the right suit for you is to find a good salesman and stick with him.














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