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Say It With Roses

       Actually, roses date back to 35 million years ago, well before the appearance of man. Men first planted roses in China, 5000 years ago. But how do roses symbolize love?

It was created by Chloris, the goddess of flower, out of a lifeless girl who she found one day in the woods. She asked the help of Venus, the goddess of love, who gave her beauty; Dionysus, the god of wine, who granted her a sweet scent; and the Three Graces, who offered her charm, brightness and joy. Then the West Wind blew away the clouds so that Apollo, the god of sun, could shine and make the flower grow. As a result, roses the flower is a symbol of love with physical and spiritual charm.

         According to Color Your Life , roses make up 60 to 70 percent of all Valentine's Day orders.Christmas and   Mother's Day are also occasions when people look to roses to say what they feel.

Whether you're saying "I love you", "let's be friends", or simply "I care", the rose delivers the message with a beauty and style that cannot be matched.

Do you know that in 1986,the rose was declared as America's National Floral emblem? At that time President Reagan said: "Americans have always loved the flowers with which  God decorates our land. More often than any other flower, we hold the rose dear as the symbol of  life and love and devotion...For the love of man and woman, for the love of mankind and God, for the love of country, Americans who would speak the language of the heart do so with a rose. "



Now you see that roses do not just mean love between men and women?

Rose can also mean friendship , as Haftz(1300-1388) put it:

" Oh sweet the rose that blossometh on Friendship’s tree! It fills my heart with joy.I seek the rose’s company because her scent recalls fragrance sweet of one beloved by me. "

More than that. Roland A. Brown said: " I don't know whether nice people tend to grow roses, or growing roses makes people nice. " And Dean Hole expressed the same idea: " He who would have beautiful roses in his garden must have beautiful roses in his heart. "

In the 15th century broke the 30-year-long battle between the Lancasters (symbolized by the red rose) and the Yorks (known by the white rose), thus known as the War of Roses. To cheer the end of the bloody war, it was agreed that a pink rose symbolize peace.

The following table shows what color of roses means:

Red roses              “I love you”; respect, courage

White roses            “I’m worthy of you “;purity, silence

Red&white               unity

Yellow                   “Try to care”; Joy, gladness

Orange                   Enthusiasm, desire

Pale roses               Sociability, friendship

Rose leaves            Symbol of hope

Black roses             passing away











































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