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The Female Form: 1900-2000 One Hundred Years of Dips and Curves

Face of the Year International Beauty Contest

The Stirring of Sleeping Beauty

Modern Standards of Beauty: Nature or Nurture

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Face Values

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Piercing and the Modern Primitive

We must stop glorifying physical beauty

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Skin Texture and Female Facial Beauty


Beauty Secrets



Three key facial features for a true beauty

       Most women pursue a never-ending quest for beauty. But what is that elusive quality known as beauty? Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr Francis Palmer has studied the features of hundreds of women and claims to have discovered that real beauty lies in the balance between the three key facial features ?notably the cheekbones, the eyes and the lips. If these three features are well-positioned, the woman will be perceived as beautiful.   ......




How to cope with the epidemic of sleeplessness

        Ever space out during a meeting, jerk awake while at your computer, or snooze through part of a TV show ? Millions of Americans do, and that's cause for concern. A recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation, a non profit research group in Washington, found  that two-thirds of the US. population gets less than the recommended hours of sleep at night. That means sleeplessnes is of "epidemic proportions in this country , " says Dr. William Dement, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Stanford University School of Medicine.  ......




Sauna-A Warm Treat for You

        The sauna is a national pastime in Finland. It is so popular in this northern European country that there is about one sauna for every three people, that is, 1.7million hot houses for the 5.18 million populations.   ......




Pots of promise

         Medieval noblewomen swallowed arsenic and dabbed on bats' blood to improve their complexions; 18th century Americans prized the warm urine of young boys to erase their freckles; Victorian ladies removed their ribs to give themselves a wasp waist. The desire to be beautiful is as old as civilisation, as is the pain that i t Can cause.    ......




How to lower your biological age

 Would you like to know if your body is older or younger than it should be? Dr David Wikenheiser has been studying ageing in Vancouver , Canada, for the past 10  years and has found the average person is 15 or more years older biologically than chronologically.   





10 money-saving beauty secrets       

Getting gorgeous doesn't mean you have to empty out your wallet.  Try these low-cash, high-style beauty ideas instead:

1. Scrub  up at home. Forego exfoliating treatments at a spa and whip up your own: Mix a handful of coarse sugar crystals with some olive oil, and use to slough off dead skin in the shower.  ......


















































































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