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Sauna-A Warm Treat for You

         The sauna is a national pastime in Finland. It is so popular in this northern European country that there is about one sauna for every three people, that is, 1.7million hot houses for the 5.18 million populations.

Saunas are found there in private houses, farms and holiday homes. Most modern apartment blocks have a communal sauna for residentsí use.


        Finns have been going to the sauna at least once a week since the first log-cabin sauna came into being 15 centuries ago. Before modern times, hot rooms were heated to produce steamy warmth by burning piles of tree branches. That is why sauna is also known as steam bath. Now, with electric-heating systerm, the sauna has lost much of its sanctity. Many people still prefer the traditional way with smoking wood fires.

         Until the middle of the 20th century, most Finns were born in the sauna (with the heat turned off), because of its sterile environment and hot water supply. Finns believe that only those with heart conditions fevers and skin diseases ought to avoid using sauna. For everyone else bathing in these steamy rooms is a treat. The sauna bath gives a pleasant and relaxing experience beneficial for 


both body and mind. It cleanses pores of the skin, alleviates pains and helps sleep more soundly.

         The traditional Finnish sauna ritua1 is to shower before using the sauna ,then pay two or more visits to the hot room where the temperature is increased each time, and humidity raised by pouring water over a basket of hot stones .

         There is little danger of sauna users suffering from dehydration or heat exhaustion as long as you donít spend too much time in the hot room.

         After completing the hot-cold cycle, users ought to wash themselves and then lie down for a little while in the hot room at a lower temperature to relax. A cold shower rounds off the whole process. After this, it is time to drink liquids, and eat salty snacks to re-hydrate.






























































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