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How to lower your biological age

         Would you like to know if your body is older or younger than it should be? Dr David Wikenheiser has been studying ageing in Vancouver , Canada, for the past 10  years and has found the average person is 15 or more years older biologically than chronologically.

He says: “We all know people who are 30 but look over 40, and others who are 70 yet look 50. The difference comes down to lifestyle. Some people's bodies get 'rusty' faster than others, and this makes them age more quickly. ”

 biological age


         Virtually every ageing process is related to the oxidative compounds or free radicals produced by our body as a reaction to pollution, ultraviolet light, stress, smoking, alcohol and pesticides. But these can be neutralised by antioxidants.

         Afler cunducting more than 3, 000 tests, Dr wikenheiser believes that, on average, you can lower your biological age by years in three months with the right lifestyle changes.

         "You can't alter your genetics but you can make other changes, such as eating the right food, drinking enough water to flush    out toxins, exercising and managing stress,  " he says.

         But exercising too much is just as bad as not doing enough. Working out for more than two hours at a time every day puts too great a strain on your heart.


         “Multivitamin and antioxidant supplements are important even if you're eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables. Today's soil tends to lack essential minerals so these are no longer found in the food we eat, in large enough quantities. We should also swap bleached white table salt for natural sea salt wllich is much better for us. "

         It's also important to eat three meals a day. Missed meals put a strain on your brain as your blood sugar level drops. Many of us are also eating the wrong fats or avoiding fat altogether, so we miss out on important nutritional oils.

         "You should also ask your dentist what kind of fillings you have. Amalgam fillings in your teeth are not stable and will contribute to toxic metal level in your body, "  says Dr Wikenheiser. 
























































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