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Three key facial features for a true beauty

          Most women pursue a never-ending quest for beauty. But what is that elusive quality known as beauty? Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr Francis Palmer has studied the features of hundreds of women and claims to have discovered that real beauty lies in the balance between the three key facial features notably the cheekbones, the eyes and the lips. If these three features are well-positioned, the woman will be perceived as beautiful.

I. Cheekbones      According to Palmer, 75percent of a woman's beauty is found in the curve of her cheek. A softly-defined curve frames the face and draws in the eye of the beholder. Imagine drawing a line from the pupil in the eye to the corner of the mouth. For true beauty, this line should be clearly defined by the curve of the check. And the further  down the face this line extends, the more beautiful a woman will be perceived to be.

If the face is too round at the jawline or across the width of the cheeks, the curve will go unnoticed. Equally, if the face is too thin and flat, the curve may be too defined and may extend beyond the pupil of the eye, into the forehead.


 Though  the razor-sharp cheekbones make women beautiful      in movies, they often give them a hard and even masculine appearance in the flesh.

Celebrity examples: Catherine Zeta  Jones and Halle Berry. Both women have perfectly-shaped cheekbones giving structure to the face and emphasizing their sensual, youthful appeal.

2. Eyes      7 to 10 per cent of a woman's beauty is in her eyes. They open up her face and draw the eye of the observer. Although the colour and shape of the eye is an attraction, its relation to 



the eyebrow and the way it sits in the socket  is equally important.

With your eye open, draw an imaginary line from the outside, edge of the iris --the coloured part of the eye - up to the brow. Use this line as your guide.

Now lay the tip of your forefinger  horizon tally across this line, on the hard bone which sits above, the eye socket and below the eyebrow. In the truly beautiful, the finger should fill  the gap perfectly, leaving no space above or below.

Just as important is the way the eyes sit in the face. Fat underneath the eye or sagging eyelids will detract from overall beauty by giving a woman a worried or tired look.  Ideally, the eye socket should be taut both above and below the eye.

Celebrity examples: Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Aniston and J ennifer Lopez. In these women,the eyes have a beautiful shape and colour. They sit in the face well, without any extra fat or lines, and the shape of the brow really sets them off.

3. Lips      5 to 8 per cent of beauty is found in the fullness of a woman's lips. In the truly beautiful, the size of woman's mouth is irrelevant -- the real allure lies in the size of her lips.

Though both lips, top and bottom, should be full, the upper lip should be 25 per cent smaller than the bottom one.

We associate lips that are too thin with masculinity and many of us overlook the fact that lips shrink as we get older, which can change the whole balance of the face.

Celebrity examples.. Kim Basinger, Angelina Jolie and Liv Tyler. All are perfect examples of the allure of fuller lips of just the right proportions. 
































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