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Wanting Baby Boy,No Smoking

      New research reported by Japanese and Danish scientists in The Lancet medical journal in April 2002 showed that couples who smoked around the time their child was conceived were less likely to have a son.    ......




Two Ways of Quitting Smoke

Cutting Down

This "method" can be of questionable usefulness, as it is usually just a way of putting for real. However, some people do use it systematically and intelligently as a way of preparing thenlselves to quit cold turkey or by some other method. It's just difficult to do so without some kind of pian and the resolve to stick to it.





Ode to cigarettes        

I hate being a non-smoker. It is so boring! It occurred to me the other day that I really would be a lot happier if I smoked .

        When someone says "good morning" to me, I cannot just ignore him or her and go have a smoke. In fact, I seldom get an extra break in my workday. I cannot stop what I'm doing to have a quick cigarette. I do not get to go outside and hang around talking to the other smokers at regular intervals on the pretense that I'm having nicotine fit.





























































































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